Sr. Alicia Alvarado Advocates for Farmhands and Migrant Workers

After Decades of Faith Building and Community Outreach,

Sr. Alicia Alvarado Takes on a New Initiative

Cambridge Who’s Who member Sr. Alicia Alvarado has extensive knowledge and expertise in community development and serves as a minister to the Latino population of Akron, OH. She has particularly focused on providing compassionate service to HIV/AIDS communities. Sr. Alvarado is also responsible for maintaining the success of many programs that help bring advocacy, outreach and support to surrounding communities. She is a member of the Dominican Sisters of Peace, an assemblage of Roman Catholic sisters in 37 states and six countries. Their goal is to raise awareness and spread the good news of Jesus Christ far and wide, while administering healing and help to the poor and impoverished.

Sr. Alvarado has served on many boards throughout her career. County commissioners named her the first Hispanic trustee at Cuyahoga Community College. She was a founder and one of the first board members of Esperanza Inc., a Hispanic education advocacy group. She also served as a board member for Common Wealth, a housing organization.

On May 21, 2008, Sr. Alvarado suffered from a brain aneurism. She quit her ministerial work in order to heal herself. Within two years she experienced an astounding recovery — she was ready to re-join her fellow Dominican Sisters of Peace in ministerial excellence.

Presently, Sr. Alvarado contributes to the Catholic Migrant Farmworker Network (CMFN). The organization supports farmworkers and rural immigrants by providing them with membership benefits, informational resources, and access to their network of members within the CMFN membership directory. Donations to help out the CMFN can be sent to 701 Walnut Avenue, NE Canton, Ohio, 44702; soon, there will be an option to donate on the CMFN website.

2011 signifies the 25th anniversary of the CMFN. To further commemorate its existence, the organization has created a set of tools and resources, which help to spread information about the challenges faced by this underrepresented population. These include administering a four-session Women’s Empowerment Project in Spanish to be used with farmworker and rural immigrant women, and a Weekend Celebration with regional farmworker representatives from October 28th to the 30th in Sacramento, Calif.

At this milestone event, founding board members will celebrate and discuss the present reality while setting goals for the next three years. Additionally, there will be up to five pastoral visits to different areas throughout the US per year, and immersion experiences with farmworkers and rural immigrants for college students during the spring, summer, fall and winter break weeks.

Sr. Alicia Alvarado holds a Bachelor’s Degree in journalism and mass communications from Kent State University (1988), a Master’s Degree in community development from the Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences (1974), and a Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish and secondary education from Cleveland State University (1974). She is a Board Member of the National Farm Worker Ministry (NFWM), and a member of the Sierra Club. She once served on the Board of Trustees for Proyecto Luz, which is the cornerstone program for the Nueva Luz Urban Resource Center.

In July 2011, participating associates came together to welcome the Assembly of Sisters, who participated in prayer-filled sessions. Words came from Fr. Timothy Radcliffe, Sr. Margaret Ormond, and other members of the Dominican Family, who showed great strides in growing together as a Dominican Family. An important initiative and an integral part of this event was The Peace Connection, which is an initiative to bring all associates on the same page through information sharing, update gathering and feedback that will enhance the Dominican Family life on numerous levels.

For more information about the Dominican Sisters of Peace, please visit their website,

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