Andrea Maki’s Wild Love Preserve: Dedicated to Protecting Our Iconic Wild Horses

Cambridge Who's Who Member Andrea Maki

Andrea Maki is a contemporary visual artist who believes in human responsibility and action. In response to a critical state of affairs, Andrea is dedicated to creating Wild Love Preserve as a unique wildlife preserve in the Northern Rockies.  As a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit, the Wild Love Mission is to protect and preserve our iconic wild horses in their native habitat, while nurturing the legacy of this unique wild ecosystem in a responsible and sustainable manner, now and for future generations.

Born on the west coast in 1966, Andrea graduated from New York University in 1988 with a degree in painting. Her professional art career spans almost 25 years, and includes large-scale projects, private commissions and exhibiting nationally in galleries and museums, with her work represented in numerous art collections. Andrea also uses her art as an interactive tool to spread awareness and promote support for our environment and wildlife.  On April 1, 2010, Andrea had thought she was out to photograph wild horses for her mixed-media artwork, but instead she found herself making a life-changing promise, eye to eye, with 21 wild mares, most pregnant, from a 2009 government roundup.  What began as an intimate promise, set in motion the Wild Love Mission.

Only Feet Away, Wild Stallion Charges by Andrea at Wild Love

Andrea’s Wild Love Preserve is dedicated to the greater good of our wild planet. This is not a fenced wild horse sanctuary, and key to Andrea’s approach is her interest in finding common ground between all involved parties. In the autumn of 2010, Wild Love Preserve began introducing itself to the Bureau of Land Management, regional ranchers and locals.  While opinions are varied, differences heard, Wild Love Preserve believes that only by working together, is there an opportunity to create something new, special and lasting.  In opening doors there exists the ability to turn a new page in our history books.  Due to a series of unique logistics, her specific working intent goes to the source in the wild and works towards solutions which put an end to the inhumane helicopter round ups and displacement of our wild horses and their families in the first place. Andrea’s tack focuses on all-inclusive and responsible ways to manage the wild horse population which do not require their removal in this manner.  Without a change in course from current policy, this American Icon is destined to become a distant memory and mere wild west fodder.  Most are unaware of this dire reality in which wild lives are paying the ultimate price, and are equally unaware that these roundups and long term holding facilities are funded by American taxpayers.

The operational facility of Wild Love Preserve consists of 432 acres + grazing parcels, surrounded by public lands and forest.  At one time a cattle ranch, this large ecosystem has been returned to it’s native state and is filled with flora, fauna and wildlife, including endangered salmon and fish species, wild horses, wolves, coyote, elk, deer, bear, mountain lions, native birds, raptors and more.  Adjacent   to this target property is a Herd Management Area (HMA) which exists as such because it has been the native home to numerous bands of wild horses for centuries.  However this same public land is also divided into multiple grazing parcels for private and corporate ranching outfits to graze their livestock.  Wild Love’s intent is to create an expansive protective corridor within this HMA on our wild public lands and strives to implement a wild horse management program by working jointly with the BLM and supportive locals who want to see their unique heritage, of which they are so proud, preserved.  In Andrea’s words, “Wild Love Preserve is about us all, a reflection of our humanity.  The time is primed, good will and energy are abundant.  Communication and open doors lead the way to saving wild lives.”

Wild Horses Running in the Wild that Andrea Strives to Protect

Over the last 18 months Andrea has been building the foundation of her non-profit and daily progress is ever-evolving.  Necessary funding is the only critical component missing and therefore slowing key negotiations with the BLM.  Rightfully so, she is very concerned because a traditional BLM Roundup is scheduled for 2012.  Paramount floodgates of forward movement will open with Wild Love Preserve’s proof of ownership on their target property and operations base, hence Andrea actively seeks sponsors and donors, along with avenues to market the Wild Love Brand products she has also created to directly support the cause.  Wild Love Preserve does not seek tax-payer dollars, but instead is privately funded.

We invite you to please visit Andrea Maki’s website,, to learn more about Andrea and Wild Love Preserve. For more about her art and works available visit Andrea Maki directly at

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